East West has been conducting English as well as other language classes by applying effectively modern as oral, structural and situational methods with the help of audio, video and self access lab. To broaden the extra consciousness, situation and free conversation, common speaking or general speaking and grammar classes are also consisted in syllabus. Similarly debate contest, quiz contest, speech program, impromptu speech and extempore speeches are more emphasized to enable the learners to speak fluently.

Likewise, excursion program is organized in every level for extra knowledge or activities and entertainment. To improve reading and writing abilities printed materials are applied along with authentic method and we apply direct teaching method of daily conversion. We aim to fulfill the demand of the learners from the fields or walks of life. Instructors are highly trained, efficient, experienced, graduated as well as post graduated from both inside and outside of country. They are appointed on free competition basis since the institute aims to give quality training or education to the learners.


English language course has 6 levels:

  • A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2
  • Every level lasts for 2 months (48 hrs)
  • One group consists maximum of 12 students
  • Fee- Nrs. 5,000.00 per level.
  • Besides English Language Course, The institute also has been conducting Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Korean, Nepali and other languages.


Fee- Nrs. 5,000.00 for English language & Nrs. 6,000.00 for Japanese, German, Chinese, French, Korean, Nepali and other languages.


  • Professional, experienced and certified Instructors
  • Affordable fees and educational atmosphere
  • Small size group, free materials, library and lab facility etc
  • Language classes for every professional.
  • Personalized teaching to have a high-record success.
  • Special grant (50%) if any comes in a group of five students.
  • Progress test is taken after every 24 days. (4 weeks)
  • Determination of level as per the student’s written and oral test.
  • The standard of Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR) and many more….


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